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Erin + Lee | Three Fields Farm | Lexington Wedding Videography

By Katherine Anne

Erin and Lee celebrated their wedding at Three Fields Farm, right outside of Lexington. I remember there was a 60% chance of rain that day, but we woke up to plenty of sunshine and it lasted throughout the beautiful ceremony and cocktail hour. As if on cue, right as guests were settled in the tent, the rain POURED. Erin and Lee had an EPIC entrance to their reception!! Love it! The love that Erin and Lee share is just so obvious and giddy and incredible! Erin is from California and Lee is from Kentucky, so they were able to share some Southern hospitality and food with their friends and family all weekend. Here are some screen shots of a few favorite moments.

Cocktail Hour.Still002

Erin + Lee.Still003

Erin + Lee.Still017

Erin + Lee.Still026

Pre Ceremony.Still005

Erin + Lee.Still018

Erin + Lee.Still022

Erin + Lee.Still021

Erin + Lee.Still031

Erin + Lee.Still044

Erin + Lee.Still043

Erin + Lee.Still034

Erin + Lee.Still035

Erin + Lee.Still037

Erin + Lee.Still039

Erin + Lee.Still041




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