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Heend + Charles | Foxhollow Farm | Louisville Wedding Videography

By Katherine Anne

Heend + Charles 2.00_00_12_15.Still008Heend and Charles had an awesome wedding weekend! They started off the weekend with a traditional Sudanese wedding party on Friday night, and got married at Foxhollow Farms the next day. The month of October in Kentucky is filled with beautiful colors in the trees, and I was so excited when Heend told me their ceremony was outside! I am ALL about natural light, so it made their photos and video incredible! Loved working alongside Todd Pellowe photography on this day, and a huge thank you to my assistant shooter Cheree Givens.

Enjoy some of the best moments from their day:

Heend + Charles 2.00_00_45_08.Still009Heend + Charles 2.00_01_23_13.Still012Heend + Charles 2.00_01_39_18.Still013
Heend + Charles 2.00_01_43_07.Still015

Heend + Charles 2.00_01_49_08.Still017
Heend + Charles 2.00_01_51_15.Still018Heend + Charles 2.00_01_54_12.Still019 Heend + Charles 2.00_01_58_10.Still020
Heend + Charles 2.00_02_37_12.Still022
Heend + Charles 2.00_02_48_13.Still023 Heend + Charles 2.00_02_52_11.Still024Heend + Charles 2.00_03_01_17.Still025 Heend + Charles 2.00_03_04_21.Still026 Heend + Charles 2.00_03_06_20.Still027 Heend + Charles 2.00_03_12_13.Still028 Heend + Charles 2.00_03_17_21.Still029 Heend + Charles 2.00_03_19_03.Still030Heend + Charles 2.00_03_45_05.Still032Heend + Charles 2.00_03_45_21.Still033Heend + Charles 2.00_03_54_06.Still034Heend + Charles 2.00_03_58_10.Still035



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