Keepsake Films

Why film the day when I already have a photographer?

Having your wedding day moments preserved in motion, in addition to still photos, makes a world of difference. Here are what some brides and their families had to say after seeing their videos for the first time:

“When we received our highlight film I immediately began to cry not only because of the masterpiece she created but also because I had almost not hired a videographer at all and could have missed this amazing piece of work. If anyone is on the fence about hiring someone I can honestly say make it happen whatever you have to do. If it is a budgeting issue then have less flowers or cut the budget somewhere else. The moments that we now have forever are invaluable and it is completely different from the photographs you will have from your photographer. Both are wonderful but you are capturing the moments as they happen through the videography. Katherine Anne’s film is so incredibly special and truly lets you relive the most special moments in your life. I would recommend Keepsake Films to anyone that is considering a videographer. She has a fresh perspective and is truly an artist.” -Michele Scott, March 2013 Bride

“Katherine Anne- I just wanted to say, that I watch our wedding video at least 5 times a day. I sent it out to all of my coworkers today, and they were all so impressed. I got at least 5 emails that included tears. I knew from the day I saw your first video, how talented you were, and I’m so glad I decided to do a wedding video with you. Having the ability to relive the best day of our lives is priceless. I just wanted to thank you again, because you gave us the best wedding gift :)” -Olivia Fisher, December 2013 Bride

“Caroline sent me the wedding trailer and I must have watched it 100 times. You were not only able to get wonderful shots, but I am amazed how your work was able to convey the thoughts and emotions of all of us. What a treasure for us! Caroline’s dad and I were talking about the video just this morning. He described it as “perfect.. just absolutely perfect.” -Susan Gear, Mother of the Bride

“”Deciding to hire Katherine Anne with Keepsake Films was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. I knew that I wanted our special day to be captured, so we made sure that we planned our budget accordingly – and I am so, so, so glad we did. If I could give advice to any bride-to-be, it would be to do everything possible to have a wedding videographer like Keepsake Films – you will absolutely not regret it. When we received our highlight film, I watched it at least 10 times that night, tearing up each time. Katherine Anne captured the story of our day, from start to finish. I cannot imagine NOT having our film to remember and reflect on how special those moments were.” -Brittney Parrish, October 2013 Bride

Many brides are on the fence whether or not to include a videographer because they could put that money towards something else for the wedding, but according to the past brides I have worked with, it is such an important aspect that they couldn’t have lived without!